"Asantewaa" Waist Bead

"Asantewaa" Waist Bead

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Sizes: Waist 24"- 35" / Waist 36"- 50"/ Waist 51"+ (Add $3)

Multi-color beads

Traditional West African tie on waist beads (No Elastic)

In West Africa, waist beads traditionally possess a deep spiritual meaning which can represent phases through girlhood/womanhood, or provide spiritual protection. Keeping in tradition, our waist beads are tie on waist beads (no elastic, no clasp) and are intended for long term wear for spiritual development and meditation aid, weight loss tracking, or most commonly, heightened sensuality and body confidence.

Because we are aware that our customers come from different walks of life, our beads are not blessed. We recommend getting your waist beads blessed by someone you trust if that is something you choose to do.

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